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Students from Years 7 to 9 at NIST International School led the way in an exciting new project that brought their curriculum based food technology skills to a new level when they catered an elegant pre-theatre event; the Middle Years production of ‘Digital Dilemmas’, on Wednesday 29th May 2013.

Students chose to create their own signature canapés and then spent one month researching, planning and designing their dishes. The next phase of development was a period of trialling and experimenting, much the same as any professional chef or caterer. The culminating event was the opening night of the Middle Years production of ‘Digital Dilemmas’. Guests arrived to an array of delicious and professionally prepared canapés including; Gougéres, caprese, panna cotta, apple tarts, melon and parma ham, sushi, and salmon blinis. The budding chefs amazed everyone with their immense talent and professional approach to this event. NIST Student Ale Wallis explained the experience as “Cooking and prepping for the canapés was not only a learning experience, but an opportunity for me to bond with people from other years. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again!” omised backgrounds to serve as a keepsake.

NIST Secondary Principal Mr. Julian Edwards remarked “I felt as though I was attending something special. It was the food but also the demeanour of the students. They were attentive, polite and very much in professional mode. I felt the quality was as good as many catered events I have attended and the attention to detail was notable in the presentation. They were articulate in explaining the decisions they had made to design their canapés. In general it was hard to believe this was not a professional catering team.”

This event highlighted the practical and real world skills of the food technology course at NIST. It demonstrated the students’ understanding of the Design Cycle and developed their first-hand experiences in professional service.

NIST parent and board member, Khun Wantana Thongthai attended the event and said “It was a privilege for me to witness our school’s mission statement, which is to inspire and empower each student to pursue individual excellence, become a reality.”



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