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NIST International School was honoured on the 29th of May 2013 with a Business Excellence Award from the Thai Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the category of ‘Best Innovative Learning Environment.’ This award was the result of a great number of innovations undertaken by the school over the past year. Highlights include its establishment of a student-led rooftop garden where in the concrete jungle that is Bangkok, NIST students are reconnecting with nature in the most unlikely of places, the top of the NIST Secondary building. As summarised by NIST Year 10 student Jamie Sriya “In the modern world and culture, the words "eco-friendly" and "green" are not only commonplace; they are a necessity for any institution claiming to be sustainable or environmentally aware.”

Additionally NIST is piloting courses for the Middle Years Programme where “No other school worldwide is contributing to so much subject piloting.” according to Mr. Malcolm Nicholson, Head of IB MYP Development in the Hague. On the technology front the introduction of a one-to-one iPad programme in the Elementary School was driven by the belief that technology can facilitate powerful learning, and transform what is possible in the classroom. One final example of innovation at NIST is the student-led Development Bank, a student social entrepreneurship club that advocates financial sustainability and accountability, by speeding-up the process of acquiring the funds required to take action, be it fundraising in student service groups, or start-up costs for a small business.

NIST International School was founded in 1992 with guidance and support from the United Nations. Its aim was to establish a truly international school. Twenty years later NIST is thriving in its commitment to the founding principles of internationalism, academic excellence, a strong community feel, and its commitment to academic innovation. The words ‘21st century learning’ are buzz words in today’s world of education, but developing a genuine understanding of 21st century educational needs is the aim of NIST administrators, staff and students. Together they form a community of lifelong learners who strive to exemplify the meaning of innovation which in the school’s opinion is at the very heart of 21st century learning.



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