NIST Falcons BISAC Champions 2013

Falcon athletes continued to progress and achieve in their sports performances for this season with Swimming, Softball and Badminton teams all winning the BISAC Championships over the weekend from 29th – 31st March 2013.

Results Summary:

  • BISAC Girls Varsity Badminton Champions 2013
  • BISAC Girls Varsity Softball Champions 2013
  • BISAC Junior Overall Swimming Champions
  • BISAC Swimming 8 & Under Boys Team Champions
  • BISAC Swimming 9 Yrs Girls Team Champions
  • BISAC Swimming 9 Yrs Boys Team Champions
  • BISAC Swimming 10 Yrs Girls Team Champions
  • BISAC Swimming 12 Yrs Boys Team Champions

  • BISAC Overall Combined Junior and Senior 2nd Place

  • BISAC Boys Varsity Softball 4th Place
  • BISAC Boys Varsity Badminton 4th Place

The Junior and Senior swim teams competed in the BISAC swim meet on 29th – 31st March 2013 at ISB. Our Falcon Swimmers had a great two days in the pool showing great team spirit and improving their personal performances. The Junior swim team won the overall championship plaque with a tally of 1794.5 points. The Junior team also won the overall BISAC Team championships in 8 & Under Boys, 9 Year Old Girls, 9 Year Old Boys and 10 Year Old Girls. The senior team achieved the overall 3rd place with 1614.5. The Senior Team also won over all in 11 – 12 Year Boys. NIST Falcons clinched the overall 2nd Place with a total of 3409 points. Congratulation to all for a tremendous weekend and season.

The Varsity softball boys and girls team competed in the BISAC softball tournament held at NIST for girls, while the boys competed at the RIS. The girls continued their season unbeaten streak as a team supporting each and every member of the squad and finishing in the champions spot for softball BISAC tournament 2012 – 13. The boys enjoyed their tournaments coming in overall 4th Place in this BISAC softball tournament for the year 2012–2013. Congratulations to all for a job well done.

The Varsity Boys and Girls competed in the BISAC Badminton tournament held at Harrow International School. The girls competed with great enthusiasm and team spirit which gave them the edge on other teams to win the Champions spot in this BISAC softball tournament for the year 2012–13. The first time our girls badminton team has won BISAC. The boys put up a good fight and improved their performance achieving the overall 4th Place in the boys category. Congratulations to all.



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