Preparation for Elite Universities Presentation

We are very proud of our community’s diversity at NIST. This mosaic is not only cultural and national but also extends to the individuality of learners and their ambitions. NIST has a strong belief in supporting students to achieve their best and to find out their strengths and passions. The presentation on ‘Preparation for Elite Universities’ on Tuesday 9th October was aimed at students and their families who have a powerful drive for the academic side of life and who aspire to challenge themselves at the world’s top universities. The presentation demonstrated the difference between the requirements of elite universities in different national systems and shared ideas about how students need to prepare if they are considering an application. For example applications to Oxbridge require an extreme focus on the discipline to be studied whilst Ivy League and very selective US universities require a broader, more dynamic profile and strong SAT preparation. As expected from our NIST Learning Community, questions were intelligent and purposeful and everyone left more informed about this demanding process.



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