EMA was represented at the Youth in 2020 Conference
The Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth has organised the “Youth in 2020: The Future of Youth Policies” Conference held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary from 1-3 October 2013.

Kate Alyzon Ramil, the Country Representative of the Philippines and Programme Representative of GEMMA, and Kateryna Shalayeva, the President of EMA Eurasian Chapter and Professional Development Officer of EMA Women, attended the Conference in the role of experts.
The key issues of the programme were learning, work, inclusion and diversity, identity and citizenship, mobility, housing and family.
Emphasizing on trends and challenges in the field of youth work, youth policy and youth research in wider Europe and its neighborhoods, the Conference became a venue for reflection and debates about the strategies to empower and invest into youth in the context of “Agenda 2020” of the Council of Europe.
The Conference was attended by over 150 experts from across Europe and the South Mediterranean.
For more information about the programme, kindly visit the website.

Kate Alyzon Ramil and Kateryna Shalayeva



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