Send your success stories for the next EMAnate
You still have the chance to share your recent achievements with the EMA community!

Dear EMA members,


Thank you so much for all the interest shown in EMANATE this year! We received an incredible number of articles! However, we did not receive any "success stories"! So you still have the chance to make submissions for this section for the next edition of EMANATE!

Did you or another EMA member achieve something exceptional recently (whether it was finding a good job, publishing something, working on an interesting project)? We would love to hear about it! Please email usmagazine(at)em-a(dot)eu with a (well-written) description of less than 200 words before the 7th of November 2013 - 5pm CET! Please also include relevant information about programmes taken, as well as high quality photos in jpeg format!

Please also send photos of you and/or other EMA graduates in interesting settings around the world - on top of a mountain, meeting someone famous, etc. We would like to do a photo montage of alumni experiences in the next EMANATE issue!

Thank you,

Your EMANATE team





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