EMA representative on the EM-ACE project Steering Group meetings
Report by Edlira Alku

The EM-ACE project aims at addressing one of the main barriers to European students’ participation in the Erasmus Mundus programme, i.e. visibility, by improving marketing in the specific areas of information, promotion, and training. The final goal is to raise both the quantity and quality of applications received from European candidates.



 EM-ACE has two main target groups:

  •  European students
  •  Potential EM promoters (International Relations officers, EM coordinators, and EMA members).

The EM-ACE website – with two separate sections for students and EM promoters- addresses the different needs of the target groups and provides purpose-developed information for each of them.
The project is implemented by an international consortium coordinated by Sapienza University of Rome. EM-ACE partners are:
Full partners

  • Campus France, France
  • UNICA Network, Belgium
  • Ghent University, Belgium
  • The Knowledge Partnership, UK
  • ICUnet.AG, on behalf of the Erasmus Mundus Association
  •  University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • University of Melbourne, Australia

Associate partners

  • Erasmus Student Network (ESN)
  • Portuguese Erasmus Mundus National Structure
  • Santander Group
  • NARIC-Italia
  • Institute of International Education (USA)


Kick-off Meeting, Brussels, 18-19 October 2013

The EM-ACE kick off meeting took recently place in the Belgian capital. Edlira Alku, as EMA representative, attended the event in order to support the Erasmus Mundus Action 3 initiative with her experience as a senior EMA member. If you would like to know more about what was discussed during the event, you can have a look at the agenda. 


2nd SC Meeting, Cambridge, 28 February - 1 March 2013

On behalf of EMA, Edlira Alku travelled to Cambridge in February to sit in the second Steering Committee Meeting of EM-ACE to provide its members with insights acquired during her EMA trajectory and consult them on their next steps. For further information on the meeting content, click on the agenda.



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