Call for Candidates: Course Quality Advisory Board (C-QAB) 2013
Nominate yourself for the position of Chair of the CQAB




If you are interested in the position, please read the information below carefully and nominate yourself.


      Mandatory criteria for nominations for the positions of Course Quality Advisory Board Chair


  • Hold individual membership in the Erasmus Mundus Association.
  • Be a current member of the Course Quality Advisory Board.


Desired skills and knowledge


  • Good understanding of EMA structure, its Statute, history, goals and challenges
  • Outstanding organisational and communication skills
  • Outstanding oral and written English skills
  • Management skills in a transnational and culturally diverse team
  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills (in front of small, large and high profile groups, including representing EMA in a professional environment as well as hosting online meetings)
  • Teamwork, planning and delegation skills, fair delegation and personal leadership
  • Experience in strategic development of volunteer organisations is beneficial
  • Intercultural competence
  • Utmost dedication to the promotion of Erasmus Mundus and motivation to further develop the Erasmus Mundus Association
  • Time commitment, time management and multi-task management skills


Duration of the term


  • The Chair has the right to stay in mandate for two consecutive years.
  • After the first year, the acting member is asked whether they would like to stay for the second year of their term. The acting Chair has the right to decide whether to continue for a second year or whether their position needs to be open to a new person.
  • After two years in mandate, a candidate cannot re-apply for the position and needs to wait for at least two years to send a new application. 


Expected duties and responsibilities


  • Estimated workload is approximately 5-10 hours per week, but may increase or decrease during certain periods and excludes meetings.
  • Coordinate the Board’s working groups (ie. the Programme Representative Network and survey working groups).
  • Collaborate with the Internal Affairs Coordinator, Service Provider and Programme Representative Network working group to manage Programme Representatives’ elections, orientation and responsibilities in EMA.
  • Collaborate with the EACEA, Service Provider and survey working group on the Erasmus Mundus student services survey.
  • Manage the EM Feedback email account (respond to students’ questions and concerns). 
  • Further develop, stimulate and coordinate the Course Quality Advisory Board.
  • Report to the Steering Committee about Board activities on a periodic basis.


Expected meetings & events


  • Coordinate regular meetings with the Board’s working groups.
  • Coordinate the Programme Representative orientation webinars.
  • Coordinate the Programme Representative session at the annual EMA General Assembly.
  • Attend other internal EMA meetings as invited.
  • Attend external Erasmus Mundus quality-related events as invited (approximately 3-6 times a year in Europe). 


How to nominate yourself

EMA members from the Course Quality Advisory Board are highly encouraged to nominate themselves by logging in to the Course Quality Advisory Board in the community and filling in the nomination form online.


Call for candidates: Until 10 December 2103, 03:00pm CET.
Elections start: 11 December 2013, 3:00pm CET
Elections end: 17 December 2013, 3:00pm CET
Results: 18 December 2013.
Elections will be conducted using the eVoting system set up by EMA where you can read all the applications to make a decision on your vote. All EMA registered members from the Course Quality Advisory Board have both the right to apply for the positions and the right to vote.



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